subway cave

  • In Sedona, you don’t have to travel far to get beautiful shots. For starters, the Airport Mesa is one of the best spots in the area for sunset photography. After a five-minute climb to the trailhead, you’ll be rewarded with an outstanding vantage point from which to photograph sunsets and sunrises. The location can get fairly chilly in the cooler months, so bring appropriate clothing with you. To get to the Airport Mesa path from Sedona, use exit 89A West. Take a left as you approach the trail road. You’ll come to a dusty parking lot after a few miles. The Airport Mesa route can be reached by taking a short trail to the left.

    You can also visit sedona canyon and Coconino National Park, where you can photograph Cathedral Butte and Bell Rock. Chapel Road is half a mile away from Highway 179 heading north. After slightly under a mile of driving east on Chapel Road, you will come to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. After shooting some photos here, return to Highway 179 and proceed north for approximately three miles to reach Back O’ Beyond Road. You can get a spectacular glimpse of Cathedral Rock if you turn left here.

    The 38-mile section between Highway 179 and Interstate 17 through Schnebly Hill Road is a stunning photo opportunity. There are numerous opportunities to picture this magnificent landscape along the route. Due to the varying positions of the sun during the trip, the same sites on this route will look different on your way there and back. If you wish to take a different route while returning for some spectacular sunset photos, head southbound to exit 298 and continue on Highway 179 through the Village of Oak Creek to reach Sedona. You can also take Interstate 17 northward and take Highway 89A into Oak Creek Canyon.

    Dry Creek Road is located 2 miles west of Airport Road on the western side of the road. To go to Boynton Canyon, turn right here and head north. The Box Canyons are a well-known name for Arizona’s Red Rocks. The Boynton Canyon is one of the most visited areas in the Box Canyons. In Boynton Canyon, you’ll also discover the famed Enchantment Resort. The Red Rock Loop can be reached by driving about a mile west on Highway 89A. At Red Rock State Park, you’ll find some of the best photographic opportunities.

    If you make a weekend out of photographing these Sedona trails and subway cave, you will be rewarded with stunning images and memories that will last a lifetime.